• 1. The Hawaiian Islands are Earth’s most isolated parcels of land lying in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean some 2,400 miles from both the nearest continental land mass, North America, and other island of Polynesia in the South Pacific. Parts of Asia are as much as 3,500-4,000 miles distant. 2. The State of… [Continue Reading]

    Kauai and Hawaii Facts
  • Na Pali displays Kauai’s most spectacular coast. This excursion traverses the first two miles of rugged, historic Kalalau Trail then another two miles interior up Hanakapiai Valley to the base of it’s majestic 400-foot waterfall. Prepare for a visual feast of soaring, jungly-green pinnacles rising from black lava cliffs, all backdropped by sapphire, teal or… [Continue Reading]

    Na Pali Hiking Adventure
  • The trek down the western slope of Kauai’s five million year old shield volcano provides an unforgettable journey through a mature native forest to the very top of Na Pali for some of the most spectacular views the island has to offer. This rather lengthy, strenuous hike combines the Nualolo, Awaawapuhi and Loop trails, varying… [Continue Reading]

    Uplands Volcano Mountain Forest Trek
  • This is a walk along the island’s intriguing Southeast coast where you encounter the most extensively documented record of Hawaii’s natural history and cultural past. The Mahaulepu Coast is where you will discover geologic history written in lava rock, and cultural history preserved in ancient lithified sand dunes. It’s a leisurely South Shore walk. Poipu… [Continue Reading]

    Mahaulepu Coast Nature Walk
  • Enter the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Hike through a native forest into the island’s volcanic interior to encounter an ecological wonder and a geological past. The Waimea Canyon Explorer is a Kauai Hike you will never forget. Here, you will behold what the first people to these islands saw in the upland native forests… [Continue Reading]

    Waimea Canyon Explorer
  • This diverse easy to only moderately difficult, 4.5 mile point-to-point traverse along and over Sleeping Giant (Nounou) Mountain is a surprisingly rich learning adventure. This four to five hour trek takes you through dense forests of native and exotic plants to a grassy picnic site near the mountain’s 1,250-ft summit for panoramic views of much… [Continue Reading]

    Sleeping Giant Mountain Excursion
  • Kaual Nature Tours vary by geographic location and difficulty. Please read the descriptions below to find the appropriate ability level that meets your capabilities for our tours that hike Kauai. Waimea Canyon Mountain Forest Explorer This only moderately difficult 5.5 mile loop hike loses and gains 400-800 feet in elevation as it goes down and… [Continue Reading]

    Hiking Kauai Tours and Map