Mahaulepu Coast Nature Walk

Mahaulepu Coast Kauai Hiking Eco Tour
This is a walk along the island’s intriguing Southeast coast where you encounter the most extensively documented record of Hawaii’s natural history and cultural past.

The Mahaulepu Coast is where you will discover geologic history written in lava rock, and cultural history preserved in ancient lithified sand dunes. It’s a leisurely South Shore walk. Poipu is probably the island’s sunniest place. At the same time it’s continually being refreshed by persistent cooling Trade Winds. Plus, history unfolds here before your eyes and beneath your feet. Along with viewing evidence of the stages of the island’s volcanic growth over the past five million years, you’ll have the opportunity of examining the record of numerous Pleistocene sea level changes over the past 350,000 years.

Along the way you will enter a sinkhole where unearthed fossil-filled sediments have revealed a 10,000 year-old scenario of Mahaulepu’s native plants and animals, through fossil pollen, bones and more. Evidence is revealed as well of the impact of humans in the region over the past 1,000+ years. Plus, Green Sea Turtles, Spinner Dolphins, Monk Seals and Humpback Whales can be viewed along the coast much of the year.

This easy, 2.5 mile coastal nature walk begins just a few minutes after the 9:00am Poipu Beach Park pickup. With interpretation and discussion, it takes about four hours to reach a beach cove where your delicious deli-lunch awaits you. After lunch, plenty of time is provided for a swim and snorkel in the warm waters of Kawailoa Bay. The 15 minute return to Poipu or Shipwreck beach is by air conditioned van.

For this open coast nature walk we recommend plenty of sun protection (hat, sunglasses, lotion) as well as sturdy footwear (tennis shoes, lightweight hiking shoes; sandals OK). Swimwear, worn under your hiking clothes, is a must if you plan to swim after lunch; changing rooms are not available at Kawailoa Bay. Day packs are provided to carry water, a mid-hike snack and personal items.

one boots easy rated
9:00am – 3:00pm
Adults – $155
Children – $135
(ages 5-12)

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