Bill Miles on hike
I have taken several hikes with Kauai Nature Tours and have always found them to be the high point of my annual trip to Kauai. The scenery, of course, is spectacular, but there is so much more that can be gained from these tours. As a nature enthusiast, I am interested in the geological and biological history of the Hawaiian Islands, and Dr. Chuck Blay explains the elements of both to those fortunate enough to be on a hike with him. I have even taken the same hiking tour with him more than once, each time learning and seeing something new. These hiking tours are, in my opinion, the best way to truly appreciate the natural history of Kauai.
Bill Miles, M.D., Detroit, MI

My wife, Donice, and I are experienced Kauai hikers, having done numerous solo hikes in the past. We found the guided hike by Kauai Nature Tours to be fun and very educational. Our guide’s knowledge of the fauna, flora and environmental systems was extensive and fascinating. Discussions dealing with the geology were also fascinating, much much more than the usual discussion about lava flows and shield volcanoes. Spectacular views! We highly recommend KNT’s guided educational tours.
Kevin Carel, Professional Geologist, Ft. Worth, TX

My partner, Ritchie Guzman, and I joined Chuck Blay of Kauai Nature Tours on a Waimea Canyon trek in October 2013. He is an excellent guide; gracious, fun, humorous and most importantly, extremely knowledgeable about the formation of the canyon (all of Hawaii, for that matter) the flora and the fauna. If you choose to engage him on almost any topic concerning Hawaii, you are sure to have an engaging conversation . . . all the while viewing the amazing sites along the trail. What fun!
Bill Pape, New York City

Botter, Gleeson & Valian Families
Waimea Canyon was breathtaking, and well worth the hike to get there. It was an enjoyable, fairly easy hike for both the adults and children alike. Our guide, Chuck Blay, has a wealth of knowledge dealing with Kauai and the Canyon. We felt privileged to be hiking with him. He was very patient with the kids and an all around great guy to spend a day hiking with. The picnic lunch at the top was delicious, trumped only by the incredible views. The hike with Chuck was definitely a highlight of our Kauai trip. We still talk about it with our friends.
Linda Botter/Marc Gleeson Family, Irvine, CA

My wife, Ginger, and I hiked with Chuck Blay for a day around Kauai’s Waimea Canyon in early September 2013. If you love natural history, such as geology, flora/fauna, weather, or history of Hawaii and the world, or even current events in the area, you will love this man! Or, if you are just seeking a darn good hike, you will be totally happy as he seems to know every inch of Kauai and is a solid hiker. We will be doing more hikes with Chuck when we return to Kauai.
Don Whinfrey, Manhattan Beach, CA

Folberg Photo
The Waimea Canyon hike on Kauai was phenomenal – beautiful vistas with great explanations from our guide, Chuck Blay. The level of hiking was just right – enough to know your were on a hike, but not so much that you wish it was over. I really had a wonderful time. On our next trip to Kauai we will definitely be hiking with Chuck again.
Amy and Bob Folberg, Birmingham, MI

My friend, Michelle Clark, and I went on the 8-mile Na Pali coast hike with Chuck Blay. It was a treat! I was hiking on a sprained ankle, but Chuck was kind and patient; didn’t rush us at all. Moreover it was a privilege to learn about the geology and ecosystems of the land from on with such expertise. Overall this was the most memorable experience of our Kauai trip.
Rushdia Yusuf, M.D., Boston, MA

Chuck Blay’s friendliness, professionalism, and knowledge made the Waimea Canyon hike even more rewarding. Chuck has in-depth knowledge of Kauai’s geology, flora and fauna that helps you understand where you are and what you are experiencing. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and look forward to my next hike with Chuck when I return to Kauai.
Bill Efremidis, Melbourne, Australia